Whilst studying an MSc in Digital Marketing at RGU, I have gained a wealth of knowledge regarding digital strategy, social media implementation and various PR tactics. Before joining I was a complete novice when it came to social media marketing. I thought SEO was a myth and creating Hashtags was a waste of time. Oh, how wrong I was. However, through my journey I have found likeminded women who share a love of digital marketing and therefore I’d like to share them, in the hope it will inspire you too.

1. Pretty Little Marketer

My first recommendation is Pretty Little Marketer. Set up in June 2020 Sophie Miller had the idea of creating an online blog aimed at graduates and students finding their way through a career in marketing. Through frustration, she decided to create a platform which would educate and create easy to read resources. CV Tips, a weekly in industry series and current marketing tips are some of the content she shares daily to her audience.

 Her account has grown rapidly, and currently boasts a following of 17.9K on Instagram alone. I specifically enjoy her posts as they are humorous, up to date and highly knowledgeable and contain information I would actually use day-to-day. You should definitely give her a follow if not following already!

2. Girls in Marketing

girls in marketing logo

Girls in Marketing is another account you should follow. I found this page pretty early on during my journey of marketing discovery and it has been extremely helpful. Olivia Hanlon founded Girls in Marketing in 2019 as a way to create an online community for girls interested in marketing while providing affordable content to help educate and motivate. You can follow the Instagram account or even join the Facebook community to start networking and getting involved in current marketing topics.

 Content includes tips on keeping up with the latest trends, social media hacks (I’m sure you’ll find one you never knew about), and Q&A sessions with women in industry. The platform is a great FREE resource which I have used to build upon my existing knowledge.

3. The Self-Hood

Self-hood logo

Lastly, and my newest discovery is The Self-Hood Instagram account. The founder Daisy has 8 years of marketing experience and specialises in analytics and creative campaigns. She shares her knowledge through hilarious and relatable reels and top tips on creating a sustainable online brand with ways to overcome social burn outs. Her colourful feed also lightens my mood and keeps me entertained.