Keeping up with the latest news in the industry is an essential task in the everyday life of a digital marketer. Whether you are a marketer yourself, simply looking for digital marketing inspiration to promote your business or tips on how to create engaging content for your blog then keep on reading as this blog post might be exactly what you need.

Here are the top 5 Digital Marketing Instagram Accounts that you need to follow to upgrade your marketing strategy and set your business for success. Swap mindless scrolling for active learning!

HubSpot (@hubspot)

HubSpot website and HubSpot Academy are generally well-recognised amongst marketers and business owners, however, if you’re new to marketing, let me explain quickly explain what they do. HubSpot aims to help companies and business owners build an exceptional customer experience using the HubSpot CRM platform and additional insightful material. Their Instagram page is also worth keeping track of as they publish free high-quality educational content as well as industry data and statistics.

Neil Patel (@neilpatel)

He’s a New York Times bestselling author and top online marketing influencer who has co-founded his digital marketing agency Neil Patel Digital, which makes SEO, content, social media and paid media easy for you. Patel provides its readers with short educational videos that range from social media growth to content marketing and Google visibility. He also shares useful trends and charts as well as motivational business quotes.

Dain Walker (@dainwalker)

A business and brand strategist and entrepreneur who managed to build a 7 figure agency in just 11 months. He provides insightful posts where he dives into the depth of a selected topic, such as hashtags, branding colours or the importance of a logo. However, he shares general business and social media tricks and will help you position your brand well in the industry. On top of that, Walker’s content is aesthetically pleasing and designed in a very optimistic and colourful way that stands out on Instagram and attracts thousands of new readers each month. 

Steven Mellor (@thestevenmellor)

Steven specialises in Instagram marketing demystifying myths about the Instagram algorithm, engagement tricks and eye-pleasing content creation. If you’re completely new to Instagram or just started a business that you’d like to promote and grow, Steve Mellor is the man you should know.  He knows how to simplify what’s misunderstood and point out mistakes to avoid.

If branding is something you’d like to improve on or understand better, why not join Bami’s tribe over on his Instagram page? Bami is a brand strategist and growth expert that will help you level up your business and attract new customers. His page is incredibly neat and appealing, which makes it easier to consume the knowledge he provides. Leverage your brand and upgrade your skill with free information and helpful videos.

Make sure you utilise free digital marketing resources that are available to you and experts that share valuable marketing insights you can benefit from.