Aberdeen Central Library is situated on Rosemount Viaduct, next to His Majesty Theatre. This study spot is perfect for an escape from the usual library setting and fellow classmates. The Library has a range of facilities such as Free Wi-Fi, printing, scanning, photocopying and a range of PCs to use for online learning.  The library hosts an impressive range of textbooks, online resources/ journal articles on its database that may be helpful in your specific area of study.  You need a library card to access these facilities but this card will allow entry to any library in Aberdeen. The historic building itself is worth the visit.

Books and Beans is situated on Belmont Street in Aberdeen, opposite Revolution. This study spot is perfect for individual or group work with tables accommodating up to 6 people. The café atmosphere is the perfection combination of casual yet professional with many visitors choosing this study spot for a coffee whilst they work. The café also provides lovely food at a great price with the usual lunchtime deals such as soup and a panini which is perfect for a quick catch up with your classmates .

Foodstory is situated on Thistle Street near Holburn junction in the city centre. This study spot is spacious and is perfect for a morning wake-up call with the café specialising in a range of healthy breakfast options and coffee to set you up for a productive study session. Foodstory also specialise in specific dietary requirements so there is something for everyone.  The brand also give back to the community in various way such as feeding the homeless so if you choose to study here, your money is going to a great cause.

Starbucks is situated on Schoolhill next to the Bon Accord shopping centre in the city centre. This study spot is different to any of the other city centre Starbucks placed in a quiet area of town with large windows allowing you to look out at new architecture such as Marshall College and Square. This setting offers free reliable Wi-Fi and a reward card for students who regularly visit.

Waterstones is situated in the Bon Accord centre next to Boots, the two- story book shop offers seating and free Wi-Fi for students to enjoy a coffee whilst they study on the second floor away from the majority of customers who are into purchase a book. Waterstones also sell a range of academic textbooks that may be useful to grab off the shelves during your study.