Student at RGU

The time of the year is here. We finish our undergraduate degree and are ready for the next chapter. And suddenly start to think: “Ok, what now?”

If you are making your decision on what to do next and are thinking of expanding your academic qualifications keep on reading!

1. Future is “Digital Marketing”

Demand for digital marketing experts is growing and COVID-19 did not change anything about that – actually, the opposite.
There is a significant gap in the market for digital marketers. For many companies marketing is too fast-paced to keep up with. Companies understand the need to incorporate digital marketing techniques but a lot of times they don’t know how: how to work with social media; smartly distribute budget for online advertising; interpret data; and maximise SEO? Why isn’t their website performing well and how to succeed online? As a digital marketer, you will have the answers.

And don’t forget digital marketing is not just one thing – you can focus on the creative, data analyses, strategy, management etc., whatever your passion is and gradually grow and learn.

2. Course Accreditations

RGU’s MSc Digital Marketing course is focused on practical output that will help you, not only get needed knowledge for your future career, but also bump up your resume.
This course is accredited by the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM); a leading professional development and learning institute in marketing and by SISA (level 1); a personal development programme of three levels all together, which focuses on developing innovation competencies and is run by Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE).

3. RGU Leads in Employability

Let me just quickly lay out some facts on why RGU should definitely be one of your top choices.
Not only RGU has received many awards and top rankings concerning the quality of teaching (TEF, Times Higher Education 2020), but students themselves are so happy at RGU that it has placed 2nd (National Student Survey 2020) and 4th (Guardian University Guide, 2021) in ranking for student satisfaction.

Furthermore, most of us study to simply get a good job and that’s where RGU has so much to offer. Having the second-best graduate employment rates in the whole UK (QS Graduate Employability Ranking, 2020), studying at RGU gives you amazing chances for your future career which only get bigger as you have a chance to partake in a month-long professional placement during the course.

4. Live Guest Lectures Leading to Employment

Over the three semesters you will get a chance to attend lectures with so many guest professionals from the industry! You have a chance to ask questions about digital marketing, careers paths, the market and their company.
This gives you a chance to get a clearer picture on what options you have after getting your master’s degree and it may also open many doors to your career – some students from this course stayed in contact with the guest lecturers and now work with them!

5. Alumni Discount

Don’t forget if you are or were a RGU student, you get an alumni discount! Also, choosing to stay at RGU for your master’s degree means that things might be just little bit easier on you. You are very familiar with Campus Moodle, teaching style, assessment guidance, administration and communication. It is good to take on a challenge, but a master’s is one already, so you can save yourself a lot of stress by choosing RGU.
And another good news – you get to get a new student card with a new photo!

6. Online Learning

Due to the pandemic, present times are unfortunately unpredictable. And you might be wondering – “What if some of the learning will be online? Will it be then worth it?”. And let me tell you, class of 2021, was strongly affected by the pandemic restrictions and majority of the learning was done online. But don’t worry.

RGU and lecturers created extremely suitable online learning classes and put extra effort into these to make sure, we get the same payoff as if we were present in class. Interactive Zoom calls, extra materials and video lectures were made and extra support in form of one-on-one communication was available if needed.
You will still work with many real clients and will have a chance to create digital marketing projects and campaigns for them.

7. Lecturers

And last, but most definitely not least, the team of teachers and lecturers you will work with are amazing professionals with real experience in the field.
Not only they know what they are talking about, but they are passionate about it and keep up with the fast-paced environment of digital marketing. Who better to learn from than from experts?

So, there you go! Now you see, that studying MSc Digital Marketing is a smart choice for your career and RGU is a place where you learn actual practical skills while having fun!

So, apply now or check the course’s website to learn more about what to expect.