Charlotte Mac Vicar

Where are you from?
Antibes / France

What was your undergraduate degree?
Bachelor in Business Administration / EDHEC Business School

Why did you decide to study an MSc in Digital Marketing?
Throughout my previous courses and internships, I realised I lacked key competencies in SEO, Google analytics, digital advertising, HTML, CSS etc. Understanding and being able to use these elements are necessary to work in the online marketing industry. Studying an Msc in Digital Marketing is the best way for me to get the knowledge and experience I need.

What do you like best about the course so far?
What I like about this course is how concrete and how close it is to industry needs. We are learning about tools digital marketers use in their daily work. Moreover, the mentorship programme with DigitalLbi is a great opportunity to exchange with digital professionals. It helps us to understand how the topics we saw in class apply in the real world.

What’s your favourite app or website, and why?
My favourite app is Pinterest. It’s a useful tool to find inspiration and original ideas on thousands of different themes (fashion, decoration, DIY, best places to visit etc.). For example, I sometimes use Pinterest to find tips and ideas on how to make fun cake decorations. Each time I use this app, the results are great!

Tell us a random fact about yourself!
I like trying unlikely mixtures with food (toast with cake frosting, crisps dipped in coca-cola, mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows etc.)

Charlotte Mac Vicar