Christy Egbain

Where are you from?
Delta, Nigeria

What was your undergraduate degree? Computer Science at Sharda University. India.

Why did you decide to study an M.Sc. in Digital Marketing?
Last summer, I work with a Digital Marketing organization and I enjoyed the process of campaign creations and social media marketing. Also, I am a fan of BuzzFeed and their online marketing strategy.

What do you like best about the course so far?
Exploring different tools and strategies that makes up marketing online. I also enjoy the fact that it is a combination of science and marketing, i.e. the present and future of marketing.

What’s your favourite app or website, and why?
YouTube. I love visual contents and discovering new things and music on the app. I never get bored learning from YouTube.

Tell us a random fact about yourself!

I learn languages as a hobby.

Christy Egbain