Moosa Ali

Where are you from?
I am originally from Accrington, Lancashire!

What was your undergraduate degree?
I studied my undergraduate degree in BA Business Studies at University of Greenwich, London.

Why did you decide to study an MSc in Digital Marketing?
I really wanted to expand my skillset in the newly arising digital world. I feel that becoming aware and learning new tools, techniques, and marketing acumen, enables you to better stand out from other graduates. The choice to undertake a digital dissertation is quite appealing, as this will allow me to implement aspects of the content I have learnt into practice, all whilst enjoying the process! Overall, I believe there to be many future opportunities in digital-based roles, where I can work with like-minded individuals in a career I will enjoy.

What do you like best about the course so far?
So far, I really have appreciated the lecturers’ engagement in classes as they really do teach with passion. The result of this, as a student, is that it betters my attention thus retaining far more information after each lesson. Additionally, the course has been structured rather well, leaving no detail left out, incorporating the various aspects of information the student needs to know (assignment information, contact details, timetables etc.).

What’s your favourite app or website, and why?
My favourite website/app is definitely YouTube. Although I do use a lot of social media apps like those of Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok, YouTube has never failed to be a part of my daily life. The ability to look at any video I wish to watch, whether it be a funny meme that I can remember, a video about a home workout, or even learning something new about science, it really can be fun to immerse yourself into it.

Tell us a random fact about yourself!
When I was younger, I had created a YouTube channel about smartphones and tech in 2011. Surprisingly, I had over 200,000 views on all my videos which was an impressive feat!

Moosa Ali