I originally did not plan to embark upon a Digital Marketing Masters. If I had told myself last year that I would be doing a postgraduate course at all, I would have laughed.

I knew I wanted a career in digital marketing but I did not know if I would have the right skills for a job in digital. I thought that a postgraduate course was out of my reach financially and honestly, I was not sure if I could do another year at university. So what changed my mind?

How much harder is a postgraduate course?

My first point of contact was one of my lecturers. He assured me that whilst the postgraduate course was a step up, it would be manageable. A particular concern I had was that I would not keep up with a postgraduate course and manage my part-time job at the same time. After a couple of months of doing both, I have found that with a lot of planning (a diary is a must!), it is do-able. It is very important to manage your time and try to stick to the schedule even when you are not feeling motivated.

Is it expensive?

Another concern I had was how I could afford to do a masters course. I thought I would need to take out a private loan and I was not keen to do that. My lecturer clarified that SAAS now offer funding for Scottish students to do postgraduate courses. I had already taken out SAAS for my undergraduate course and I preferred the idea of receiving my loan from the same organisation. On top of that, if you are RGU alumni you can get a 20% discount!

Why the Digital Marketing MSc at RGU?

I had already done my undergraduate course at RGU and I knew I would be in a familiar setting which was a plus. I looked online at the course content and a big selling point for me was the practicality of the course. In comparison to some of the other courses on offer, this seemed like the most hands-on option. However, I think the main thing that changed my mind was the course content. A lot of the things we would be learning were of interest to me. Importantly, it was aligned with the type of career I could see myself having after university.

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