On the 23rd of October 2014, six students from the MSc in Digital Marketing were invited to attend the launch of new travel planning website, GoHawk. GoHawk have been a partner of the new MSc from the beginning and served as a live client for several students in the ‘Digital Production Tools and Techniques’ module. GoHawk is a small company, which has been developing a web and app-based travel tool to revolutionise how air travel is planned online.


After gathering at the Marcliffe at Pitfodels for welcome drinks and canapés, the students got the opportunity to mingle with members of the Aberdeen business PA community. Before the presentations, they go the opportunity to meet and talk with the GoHawk team, including the website developers who had flown over from their offices in Bremen, in Germany.

The director, David Nightingale, introduced the company, before handing over to Jeanette Forbes who gave the audience a guided tour of the tool and its functionality. With an advanced algorithm giving access to every scheduled flight on the planet, it allows travelers to plan their journeys with maximum time efficiency and without the bias of comparison sites.

The website is aimed in particular at business fliers and their PAs who plan their frequent journeys. After speaking to several PAs, it was widely agreed that they would be very interested in using this tool for assisting their bosses and clients. Everyone in the audience was astonished at how quickly the site worked and very impressed at how easy it was to plan even the most complicated of journeys.

Everyone who attended the evening enjoyed the opportunity to meet and discuss the GoHawk tool with the people who made it. It gave us greater insight into the functionality of the website and how an ambitious start-up project is run. Thanks to GoHawk for allowing us to attend, and for being such an interesting client to work for!