By Anna Inglis and Reem Ehsan

Aside from working on projects, there are limitless chances to make your experience at RGU way more valuable to gaining a career in Digital Marketing. Your Digital Marketing will be an insightful experience through getting involved and taking part in these exciting initiatives.


Then tell me more?

1) Working on live client projects

When you meet clients before starting projects, you can build your experience in talking to clients. So you can then build confidence in communicating within a professional environment. You can use this to really engage with them on how you can create a solution to their needs. But to also build your creativity! Also, by investing in your live client project you can then show your final work to prospective employers.


2) Attending guest lectures

Going to guest lectures with speakers from firms like Weber Shandwick and Moment Agencies, gives you an opportunity to connect theory with professional life. This part of the course can’t be ignored because it also allows you to network with professionals within industry.


3) Participating in the RGU Mentorship scheme

Outside of your studies, you have the amazing chance of applying to be matched with a mentor (who is a former RGU student) that works within Digital Marketing. You Above all, you have the benefit of then being connected with someone within industry. But you can also set goals with them to achieve throughout the process.


4) Going to industry related workshops

The class of 2020 had the chance to attend workshops ran by Google Digital Garage and Facebook. I then gained more knowledge about digital marketing that I could apply to my studies through attending them. For example, I now know which tools I can use to help me create content.