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Adam J. Bell - moment.agencyGuest speaker

Founder & Managing Director,

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My job involves:

Every day is different. I have my hands in sales, business development, client strategy, and implementations. Especially the latter is really fun and enjoyable for me, but it doesn’t end there I’m also involved in finances and HR. Basically everything a business needs is at least partly my responsibility.

The part that I really enjoy is strategy. Working with new or existing clients and combining their industry knowledge with our knowledge of digital marketing to come up with new and exciting campaigns. That’s what’s driving me every day.

What I like the most about marketing is that you can work in every area. There is no focus on just one industry you can experience everyone’s. There is always something new and exciting when you work with clients from various backgrounds.

Favourite Digital Tool:

Anything FREE – we are a start-up and work with small businesses. This means we have the same challenges. If there is a free option that’s the best tool to go for. There are more developed and expensive tools out there and we’ll get to them in time but for people with limited resources, free versions are the best way to go.

We use Trello extensively for project management and also HubSpot CRM. Both in their free version. It optimises our sales process and gives us our little chat pop-up for free.

Anyone not taking advantages of free tools is just totally missing it.

Favourite App:

The camera app on my Google Pixel 3.

I moved from Apple to Pixel because in terms of innovation Google’s phone is better. Some parts in the camera app don’t work but that’s the cost of innovation, but the reward of that is technology, which is mind-blowing.

The phone uses Google lenses, which has AI (artificial intelligent) integration with the camera. You can point the camera at an object, it identifies it and links you directly to the website where you can purchase it. It’s just amazing what’s already possible.

Favourite Websites:

  •, it’s great to keep up-to-date and see when clients are mentioned or for any topic, I’m interested in..

On the web:

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