Helen Dargie

Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Public Relations

Favourite digital tool:
There are a number of digital tools that I have found incredibly helpful during my time in industry. When working as an account manager and freelance digital consultant, I loved any sort of organisational tool, such as Trello and Buffer, as these helped to keep me on track and up-to-date with numerous digital deadlines. Any tool that can help me save time and energy is a favourite of mine!

Although, I think my all-time favourite tool has got to be Google Analytics. I remember being ‘wowed’ the first time I learnt about and used analytics, I just couldn’t believe the amount of data that was out there and how I could then use that data to help make business decisions for clients – it’s an amazing tool.

Favourite app:
Ahhh, where to even begin?! There are so many wonderful apps out there that I love to use every day. The main social media channels are a given: I love to check in with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter, but there is something about Instagram that will always make it one of my favourites. I love the creativity and expression that can be found on the platform, and the way in which the app continues to evolve with new features, such as Stories and IGTV.

Favourite digital websites:

Helen Dargie