What is the Digital Scot? The question written down looks simple enough, but it inspired a lengthy discussion among the class. What really was our brand and how could we encompass the essence of who we were into everything that we did?

Don’t over complicate

After a lot of brainstorming and frank conversation we really got to the heart of what our brand meant. We were inspired to use colour effectively to refresh the entire look of our website and social media channels. Whilst we maintained the same colours from the old brand, we divided them for use on different platforms. This in turn has helped direct the visual style for each of those. Of course it wouldn’t truly be a make over without giving our mascot Angus a fresh look too!

Identify your unique brand value

As our second semester draws to a close we have now also begun to focus on personal branding. This is reflected in our individual profiles, which highlight just how diverse a team we are. Varied not only in terms of our nationalities, but also our skill sets and interests.

Building on our skills has also made many of us come to the realisation that we need to improve our social presence. We tidied up our personal profiles and professional profiles on LinkedIn too. We realised whether you’re aware of it or not – you’re always projecting a brand online. The trick is to make sure that brand is a true reflection of you.

Showcase your work

Over our third semester we will have the opportunity to undertake practical or written projects. These projects are based on our individual areas of interest. This gives us a great chance to express our creativity and sharpen our existing knowledge.

So, what is our brand? Our brand is the Digital Scot. It’s a platform where we can express our marketing insights. Our unique take on the industry. Where we can learn from professionals, and each other. Ultimately, it’s something we’re proud to be involved in and have put our stamp on. It is our hope that you can find value in it too. As for our personal brands? You’ll just have to take a look for yourself!