Discover new skills for your future career.

On our digital marketing course you will gain new skills in areas such as social media management, content marketing, graphic design and web design.

What if I do not want to work as a digital marketer? Do I still need this course?  

This post will go through the skills you will gain from an undergraduate degree in digital marketing, the start of your future career.

What will my 4 years look like?  

#Year 1 – Let’s get fundamental!

In year 1 you will begin to understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and communication within business environments, both practical and theoretical. You will gain an understanding of different digital media as well as content marketing across a range of platforms appropriate to the industry.

#Year 2 – Broaden your knowledge and skills

Once you understand the basics, it’s time to put your skills to practice. With the knowledge and skills you have learned in year one, you will apply these to different areas of business including third sector, consumer, internal and external affairs. By deepening your knowledge and advancing your technical skills, you will be ready to take on an industry placement in year 3.

#Year 3 – It’s placement time!

After spending 2 years learning theoretical and practical knowledge, it’s time to take the opportunity to undergo a six or twelve week placement. Here, you will gain practical skills working in a real-world environment. You can either source your own placement or access a variety of opportunities from our placement office. The choice is yours!

#Year 4 – The final stage… Dissertation

In your 4th year, you will develop an understanding of specialist digital marketing practices and strategies. Then your dissertation or research project awaits. The choice is yours on which route you take and what you decide to study. By applying critical thinking and analysis with the support of a designated supervisor, everything you have learned the past 4 years is put to paper for your final assessment.

If you are excited about digital marketing, keen to learn creative and practical skills and looking for variety in your job prospects where working in any industry is possible, visit our course website to find out more today!