The Digital ScoopToday’s blog post sadly marks the end of The Digital Scoop this year, but we went out with a bang at The Digital Scoop launch event last week!


Final Set Up from The Digital Scoop Promotions Team at our Launch Event


We’ve seen some amazing outside perspective coming through the classroom door, which has formed the foundations of The Digital Scoop. We were inspired by industry experts joining us for guest lectures, from Julie Brander to Jason Stewart. On top of that, we have interviewed digital marketing experts for our podcast, such as Grant Costello. We have proudly brought you the latest insights from professionals in today’s digital marketing industry.

At our launch event last week we came armed with prizes, our amazing Digital Scoop promo video, and bunting of course! But the main event was our live Twitter feed, where we shared our MSc Digital Marketing course experiences and got the scoop on how RGU students are participating in the digital world.


Prizes, Prizes and more Prizes at The Digital Scoop Launch Event


We were also joined by Suzanne Bird, and interviewed her on life as a freelance social media and marketing consultant. She was a truly inspirational guest to have with profound advice to those starting out in the digital marketing industry:


“Approach the industry with a holistic viewpoint. On a project it’s important to look at the communication process and how it ties in with other marketing aspects. Your message will fail if you aren’t consistent and don’t look at the rest of the marketing mix.”


Our Special Guest at The Digital Scoop Launch Event – Suzanne Bird


“Believe in yourself, find your tribe, have people to bounce ideas off. Conflicting information is out there so you need to deliver and take ownership of your capabilities. And know that indeed everyone is winging it!”


The Digital Scoop Live Twitter Feed. Tweet Tweet!


Although it’s goodbye from us at The Digital Scoop, you can still get a taste of the latest flavour in digital marketing through our guest lecture videos and podcast episodes, and see the full interview with Suzanne from The Digital Scoop Launch event on our twitter page!