Hello and welcome back to The Digital Scoop! Today on the blog we would like to introduce you to our exciting next guest in our podcast series – Josh Thompson. Josh has gained a wealth of experience in digital marketing, working for companies such as Azzurro-blu and Sodexo. He is also a fellow RGU Digital Marketing alumnus from the class of 2015, which made us even more excited to hear his insights as a digital marketer following his time on this course. To help you get to know him a little better, we caught up with Josh ahead of his podcast interview to get the scoop on his career in digital and the challenges he has faced.

Josh Thompson

What is your occupation?:

“Digital Marketing Officer”

Relationship with RGU:

“I’m glad to be part of the RGU community both as an alumni and as a member of staff. Very welcoming and inclusive place.”

How did you get into the Digital Marketing industry?:

“I’ve always loved technology from robots to laptops. While I was unemployed following my bizarre choice to study English literature –What did I expect?! – I spotted a flyer for the brand new MSc Digital Marketing and something just clicked. One flick of Jack Keenan’s incredible fringe at a PG Open Evening and I was hooked on “the future”.”

What was the biggest challenge when starting your career:

“The biggest challenge I’ve faced is matching my technical skill in marketing to an applicable level of business experience. One thing the MSc didn’t do (It can’t do everything of course) is prepare you for the process of working in a company. The clinical environment theory is straight out the window the first time a client’s reason for something is “Just because…”. Skills such as sales, purchase orders, client management, workflow and dealing with a boss are all life skills that you just have to learn. Start at the ground up would be my advice. Get experience first then go for the big job.”

What is your top tip for those looking for a career in Digital Marketing:

“Don’t believe everything you read. Make up your own mind.”

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

“I am descended from (and technically part of) the Ngāti Apa tribe from Whangaehu New Zealand.”

Which ice cream flavour would you be?:

“Strawberry is my favourite. But I’d be kiwi flavour.”

Stay tuned for our next blog post! We will be rounding up the best bits of our latest podcast episode with Josh Thompson where he will be talking more about his work as a digital marketing officer and the latest insight in this industry.