Have you ever wondered what an octopus has got to do with Digital Marketing or the team here at The Digital Scot? And why is he called Angus? Well I would like to tell you the story behind Angus the Octopus.

If we go right back to the start of the project when we were given the brief, we were nameless and mascot-less. The name “The Digital Scot” was decided as we thought it represented what we want to achieve with this website. It is a place for the team, a group of budding Digital Marketers, to showcase the work we have produced whilst establishing a place in the Digital Marketing industry in Scotland. We all agreed that “The Digital Scot” was the most appropriate name. However, we thought we were missing something, something to help establish a recognisable brand. A brand mascot!

We got to work in an idea generation session where creative minds were running wild. There were a few suggestions of different animals. We liked the idea of having an animal as a mascot but nothing was quite right. We wanted something that would ideally represent digital marketing and the diverse skills that digital marketers need. An intelligent and interesting animal? Perfect…an octopus! Even better a Scottish octopus. Our Multimedia Manager, Edwin, got to work creating out mascot. And so, Angus the Octopus was born.


The important aspect of the octopus is what he represents and how he relates to Digital Marketing. Angus’ tentacles perfectly signify the 8 key skills that are required by Digital Marketers. If you want to read more about this, I previously wrote a blog post on key digital marketing skills. Angus is an extremely intelligent Digital Marketing expert. He has a tentacle in each skill pool and specialises in underwater Social Media.

Over the weeks this project has been running, the role of Angus has been expanding. Our Social Media Manager (and expert balloon artist), Catherine, brought him to life (in life-sized balloon form) so he could join in our class one day. He also now stars at the start of our video on the “Who We Are” page.


angus 2

This is only the start of Angus’ career at The Digital Scot so be sure to keep an eye out for what he is up to next. In the meantime, why not find out what Angus has to say about himself in his profile.