What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. It sounds rather straightforward, right?

However, understanding the definition of something rarely translates to understanding how it actually works in practice. For example, you may understand the definition of space travel, but do you have the skills and knowledge to build a Space Shuttle and fly it? The truth is many people and businesses out there may understand the definition of digital marketing. However, it’s quite apparent that the majority lack the know-how to do it successfully. This is even more obvious when looking at the huge digital marketing skills gap in the UK and throughout the world.

Digital Marketing is a multi-skilled industry

Successful practice involves many different skills. Ranging from Analytics to Mobile Marketing, from Email Marketing to Search Engine Optimisation, from Social Media Marketing to Digital Strategy, from Content Marketing to Digital PR. The list goes on. Each of these areas requires a huge array of skills and knowledge in order to be practiced properly. Jobs available within the digital marketing industry are hugely varied. The following link can help you gain an understanding of the most common digital marketing job descriptions. It also provides key insights into what they involve.

The Digital Marketing Map

Attracting the always-connected consumer

Digital is the future of marketing and its importance cannot be overemphasised enough. The way people consume information is becoming increasingly digitalised. Consumers are now connected on multiple platforms 24/7. As a result, marketers have to be trained with cutting edge skills and techniques. Trained marketers would be able to successfully targeted their audience digitally.

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Take it from us, you would be joining one of the fastest growing and exciting industries in the world!