It’s International Women’s Day and I celebrated with my first Irn Bru!

I’m from Greece and that means certain things; I love the sun and we have plenty of it and the weather affects my mood! It’s pretty simple, when it’s rainy I’m in a mood and when it’s sunny life is full of positivity. Having written this, I can’t help but ask myself why I chose to come to Aberdeen in Scotland to study Digital Marketing? I can immediately tell you that the answer was not to experience the refreshing taste of a traditional Scottish beverage like IRN BRU. In the blog post picture, I look happy. Yes, but that was taken before I had actually had the chance to take a sip. Don’t’ get me wrong, it’s an interesting concoction; a fantastically strange mixture that somehow tastes of bubble-gum and is florescent orange in colour. It is liquid Scotland but I digress…

The reason I am here is a combination of things; something to do with a little blip in the Greek economy (ok, it may be more of a widespread financial crisis with Greece in the epicentre but that is just a technicality!). This “technicality” plunged my business into a downward spiral like many other Greek business and began to push me to think about my future in a much more serious light.

As I sat at home thinking about my situation together with my furry companion Roudy, I had a moment of mad genius. The kind of moment where a lightbulb goes off in your head and then you know exactly what to do! I decided that I would deal with these financially testing times by further developing my skills and pursuing further education. I wasn’t going to waste my time.

I needed to find a course that is current, challenging and modern in a credible academic institution; BINGO! I was going to join the Robert Gordon University to study Digital Marketing.

On the first day of class I was astonished to meet a culturally diverse group of people from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds that also shared a passion for Digital Marketing. This very fact, has made classes far more interesting, as we are all able to contribute in our unique way and perspective. Where else could you find a Greek, an Indian, a Thai, a Nigerian, a French person and some IRN BRU drinking Scots within the same room?!

The financial crisis has hit Europe (and in particular Greece my country very hard), but I feel confident in my choice and have enjoyed every part of the journey; I’m only mid-way but I am excited and driven to make the finish line alongside my classmates.